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29/08/2015 - New Lara Croft GO skin online!
17/08/2015 - New Tomb Raider summer skin online!
30/03/2015 - New Tomb Raider spring skin online!
Last Levels
Temple of Coco
Coco Gamer
New Coco Gamer level, story not available. Note: level playable from download. ...
Purgatory Elementary
BHM Productions
There was once a small, boys-only elementary school in the United States that thrived for many years...
Tomb Raider Salvation (Part 5) - The Shard
Gabriel Croft
Return to the Old Spire
Tomb Raider Salvation (Part 4) - Penglai Shan
Gabriel Croft
Last Tools
Strpix Version 3.9.5 Rev.17
sapper, Turbo Pascal
Strpix3 is a program that let you do some editing to the Tomb Raider WAD files; you can retexture ob...
SFX Manager V3.01
This tool allows you to manage sound samples for your wads. 1. Add/Remove/Rename samples for each...
SFX Manager V2.1 portable
Strpix Version 3.9.5 Rev.14c
sapper, Turbo Pascal
Roomeditor Mousepatch v.2