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An Odyssey 2012 by Yoshi 9.13333333 out of 10 based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.
1486 ~ An Odyssey 2012 by Yoshi Download (136)
Story: U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA realized that a mystery object monolith appeared on the star in the vicinity of Jupiter in 2012 in the Christian era. A strong magnetic field as let the star be anxious about existence on our earth occurs; the power that enlarges It is immeasurable. In this situation, according to the Dr.Floyd who belonged to NASA, according to the measurement data, He started and the opinion that the earth was destroyed by all means on one day of 2012. Therefore NASA asked a certain person for a cooperation request. She who left for the adventure at once meets with a monolith considered to be an outbreak source of the magnetic field. The thing which she found there is ...

Note: level playable from download, no TRLE/TRLM needed.
Creation Data 08.05.2012 Reviews and Comment 3 reviews for this level (3/9,13) reviews Download 49.770 kb Mirror Level Details Dedicated Topic
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