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She by Taras 9.66666667 out of 10 based on 6 ratings. 6 user reviews.
1487 ~ She by Taras Download (529)
TRLE Adventure realized by Taras inspired by one of the classics of imaginative literature: "She", subtitled A History of Adventure, a novel by Henry Rider Haggard (the author of "King Solomon's Mines"), first serialized in The Graphic magazine from October 1886 to January 1887.

Story: The professor Horace Holly and his stepson Leo Vincey go to Africa, following the instructions left by the real father of Leo in his will and in an ancient artifact that men of his family passed down from generation to generation.
After long wanderings arrived in the black heart of that mysterious land and are an ancient tribe that obeys a queen who say immortal. Brought in front of this beautiful Queen, they discover that, as reported the legend that had brought them up to there, the queen was waiting for 2000 years the return of his old love Kallikrates, who sees in Leo Vincey reincarnated.
Eager to make himself immortal, Leo and Holly leads to the mountain where there is the Sacred Fire that allowed men to become eternal, but the euphoria it gives itself a second contact with the fire and it destroys her. Before dying, however, she cries to her beloved Leo she would return.
With the help of a native who had become friends, Leo and Holly manage to escape and return to the civilized world.

Levels and secrets:
There are 12 levels + Bonus level+ Epilogue (a fly by) + Title. There are 20 secrets in entire game; if you can get all the secrets you will be able to play the bonus level (Ayesha's Palace).

1) On the Air: no secret
2) The Magician: 3 secrets
3) Grotto: 3 secrets
4) Talamh Bhriongloid: 1 secret
5) Ghosts of the Past: 1 secret
6) Henutmire: 2 secrets
7) Ghosts of the Past II: 2 secrets
8) Nile: 2 secrets
9) In the Swamp: 1 secret
10) Amahagger's Village: 3 secrets
11) Kor: 1 secret
12) Eternal Fire: 1 secret
13) Ayesha's Palace (bonus): no secret

Very important: to correctly read the diary and writings overlay in game you must install in your PC the fonts incluse in Very Important/Fonts folder.

Note: level playable from download, no TRLE/TRLM needed.
Creation Data 18.05.2012 Reviews and Comment 6 reviews for this level (6/9,67) reviews Download 566.000 kb Level Details Dedicated Topic Walkthrough
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