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Levels: 2425
Outfits: 130
Level Designers: 447
Tools: 100
Textures: 158
TRLE Guide: 13
Patches: 44
Other Download: 13
TR Official: 44

Total Download: 669897
Level Designers Programmers Outfits Creator Textures Creator Walkthroughs Creator
Level Designers
  Kookee  Level Designers
  Kosmos  Level Designers
  Kurtis  Level Designers
  Kurtis Scout  Level Designers
  Kurtis14  Level Designers
  kurtisandlara  Level Designers
  kutuup  Level Designers
  Kyle  Level Designers
  L.Croft  Level Designers
  l.m.  Level Designers
  Lady Croft Team  Level Designers
  LadyLara  Level Designers
  Lakota  Level Designers
  Lambert Bouley  Level Designers
  Lance Edward Ladd  Level Designers
  Landavia  Level Designers
  Lapinot  Level Designers
  Lara Croft Baby  Level Designers
  Lara Deselegante  Level Designers
  Lara Severi  Level Designers
  Lara's Opa  Level Designers
  Lara-4-ever  Level Designers
  Lara´s Soul  Level Designers
  Larabiker301  Level Designers
  LaraCablara  Level Designers
  laracroftlover  Level Designers
  Larafan25  Level Designers
  Larafriend  Level Designers
  LaraHCroft91  Level Designers
  LaraLevelbauer  Level Designers
  LarasLawyer  Level Designers
  Lara_Fox_Croft  Level Designers
  Larencja  Level Designers
  Larry Bracing  Level Designers
  Laurence Beaudoin  Level Designers
  Leandro Dubost  Level Designers
  Leeloo Bastet  Level Designers
  LeeO  Level Designers
  Leo Sheng  Level Designers
  Leoc1995  Level Designers
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