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Profile - Nadiutta
Name: Nadia
Age: 47 (08-11-1973)
Website: Sito Web
Sex: Sex
Occupation: full-time mom
Location: Florida (St. Augustine)

 Level Designers
I knew Lara's world when I bought the Playstation One, in the 1998. My first game was Tomb Raider III, and I loved it, especially for its set. I love open spaces. Then I entered in a Newsgroup about TR where I met a Level Designer (Traio) who made me know and like the Level Editor. And with his help I began to build a level. The first was a remake of the Tutorial Level, following step by step the manual, instead of doing exactly the same things I modified something. And this is my Nadia's Tutorial Level. Then I made a level, Florida, during my moving here, in Florida. Fascinated from the wild nature is still here, I tried to report it in the game. Alligators, birds, a lot of green and a lot of sea. And above all a few enemies, because I don't love too difficult levels. Until today, if I play it again, I enjoy. :) There is also a little ride with a bike. On the contrary, I began making my second level (Crazy) with enthusiasm, but later this enthusiasm has reduced.....and at the end I wasn't sure if throw it or finish it. I finished it, but I did it really fast and without taking much care of the details in the last rooms. Indeed I love only the outside of this level, while the inside....I didn't do my best... I don't think I will make other levels, because now level designers has attained capacity that I really find too hard to equalize, or even try to imitate. Especially the construction of your own objects, thing that I've never tried yet, or construction of your own textures, or audio file and so on... In, to make a level, is a very hard thing! And it takes you a lot of time, which I don't have anymore. But I will continue to keep update and especially to play other's levels, admiring their progresses!
Internet, talking in forums, playing custom levels, trying graphic programs (just try because after that, I always leave them! :P )