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Windows Various/nc,
2424 ~ by Clara, Sponge Download (858)
Story: Lara Croft is attending the 20th Tomb Raider Meeting in the cosy town of Bad Grund, set in the former mining region of the Harz Mountains on Germany. However, members of an aggressive motorcycle club are threatening the event! The townspeople say that the plans of this club, the Harz Angels, involves a secret passageway under the Gruppenhaus Bad Grund, which is where the TR Meeting takes place. After reports of Harz Angels lingering around the house at night, Lara starts to investigate what this is all about...

Note: level playable from download. This custom level was built as part of a bigger riddle for the participants of the 20th Tomb Raider Meeting in Bad Grund, Germany. It had to be restructured a bit to make it a normal little custom level.
Copy the files from the folder “English“ into the folder “audio“ to play in English (default setup).
Creation Data 13.09.2019 Reviews and Comment 2 reviews for this level ( 10 0 2/8,40 ) reviews Download 91.000 kb Mirror Level Details Dedicated Topic Walkthrough
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