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Windows Easter, Fantasy/Surreal, Various/nc,
2503 ~ by Greywolf Download (141)
Level released during the "Aspidetr's Easter Time 2021", the eleventh edition of the easter project.

Story: Forgotten Kingdoms is a world of beauty and awesome wilderness, where Elves, many magic creatures and Humans descending from refugee of Atlantis dwell. Here lives Thalien. She’s a demi-elf and she’s Lara’s sister. Just like Lara Thalien is fond of adventures and mysteries.

The Sun Jewel is a Gem rich of great magical powers. To defeat it raging battles were fought in the past. And so, as the legend tells, it was put in a safe place, a magical palace floating in the sky among clouds: the Palace of the Rainbow. According that legend the ones who will reach the palace will need to find the Silver Seven Ones that will give them the ability to wake up the Seven Emerald Dragons. In this way they'll be able get the Sun Jewel.


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Note: level playable from download. Number of secrets: 5. You must find the first 4 ones to get the fifth. More info in the readme.txt file.

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Creation Data 01.04.2021 Reviews and Comment 1 review for this level ( 10 0 1/8,40 ) reviews Download 45.400 kb Level Details Dedicated Topic
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