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Windows Easter, Various/nc,
2501 ~ by BlackWolfTR Download (232)
Level released during the "Aspidetr's Easter Time 2020", eleventh edition of the easter project

Story: Lara decided to go one day before easter for rest in small bavarian village. When she gets there, she notices that people are quite sad. When she askes women why people are sad, she said that symbolic golden egg which was symbol of easter in this village is lost.

Egg was created in XIX century, when king of Bavaria arrived there there for holidays. He enjoyed time there so much that he commisioned crafters to make that golden egg in grand of peoples kidness and vitality. Now egg is lost and people please Lara to find that egg before tomorrow.
Lara decides to help them.

Note: level playable from download, unzip the file .zip and run "Tomb4.exe". 6 secrets as easter eggs to find in this level. In some areas there could be some lags due to big open areas and many objects placed.

Important: file updated with some fixes (if you already played it, you don't need to do it again, because only some bugs and shortcuts were fixed without adding new features)

Aspidetr Easter Time 2021 website
Creation Data 30.03.2021 Reviews and Comment 3 reviews for this level ( 10 0 3/7,47 ) reviews Download 174.000 kb Level Details Dedicated Topic
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