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Windows City,
2517 ~ by ilariacroft Download (41)
It's a sparkling and serene early spring morning. Lara is having breakfast with tea prepared by her faithful butler Winston, when she receives a phone call from her archaeologist friend Jean Yves. After the usual pleasantries, Jean asks her to join him at the most soon in his new office in Alberobello, a charming Italian city located in Puglia and famous for its typical trulli, small houses made of white stone. Lara would like to know more, but Jean only mentions a new adventure for her. Full of curiosity and enthusiasm, Lara leaves with her private jet and joins her friend in the afternoon.

Upon arriving at Jeans office, he reveals that some mercenaries are wandering around Alberobello in search of the Knights Gem, a stone with mysterious powers, but they don't know exactly where to look. Jean instead knows a legend that says the trullo church hides a dangerous creature that holds the gem. Unfortunately, however, Lara arrived late and the church at that time is already closed... How will she get in?

Note: level playable from download.
Creation Data 01.05.2021 Reviews and Comment 3 reviews for this level ( 10 0 3/9,00 ) reviews Download 185.000 kb Mirror Level Details Dedicated Topic
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