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Windows Saga,
934 ~ by the Centaur Download (337)
Baptism of Fire 3 project; story: Set in Peru, amidst the thickets of dangling vines and bursting overgrowth, a temple is laid in the preserved vegetation. This shrine has been untouched for centuries, and it has only been recently when Lara has heard a word from it.

Her ever growing library in her grand mansion contains the one book that her father had left before he passed away. The book foretells of an artifact that was in the grip of the snake gods in Peru. With the aid of an assistant, the weapon is called puñal serpentino, roughly translated, the Serpentine Dagger. Strangely identical to the Ora Dagger, this scarlet weapon can grant eternal power and forever peace when wielded correctly. But this artifact can also cause eternal pain and forever mayhem when used for evil. This explained the wipeout of the village and preservation of the temple. (by the Centaur)
Creation Data 09.07.2008 Reviews and Comment 15 reviews for this level ( 10 0 15/8,39 ) reviews Download 34.300 kb Mirror Level Details Dedicated Topic Walkthrough
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