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Windows Space/Alien,
2524 ~ by Franky Download (48)
Level inspired by THE FORBIDDEN PLANET movie.

Story: The Earth cruiser C-57D arrives in the Altair star system in search of the scientific expedition that had wrecked on the fourth planet twenty years earlier with the Bellerophon spacecraft.

Commander Adams meets Professor Morbius, the only survivor, who lives in a spectacular residence with his daughter Altair and faithful servant Robby, a super-efficient robot who can speak 187 languages and related dialects.

The scientist refuses to leave the planet that, millennia ago, had hosted the disappeared Krell civilization, whose evolutionary progress is testified by the gigantic underground machinery still in operation.

Note: level playable from download. More info (and tips) in "English Documentation" folder.
Creation Data 19.07.2021 Reviews and Comment No reviews for this level ( 10 0 0/0,00 ) reviews Download 251.000 kb Level Details Dedicated Topic
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