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Windows Various/nc,
2536 ~ by Jeff Sadler Download (131)
"A 20 minutes journey of hell, Good Luck with the undead!

Story: Lara is trapped in Egypt, but remembers an old story her father told her about an old transporter under the hotel! She is staying at.
He told her he found this by entering the hotel cellar, looking for a bottle of wine.
But enter through a metal door into a maze of traps guarded by the undead!.
He claim to have set the machine to home but did not care to use it.
Lara journey starts late at night, on the other side of the metal door.
Good luck." (by Jeff Sadler)

Note: level playable from download.
Creation Data 18.01.2022 Reviews and Comment 1 review for this level ( 10 0 1/5,20 ) reviews Download 66.100 kb Level Details
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