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Windows Saga,
852 ~ by Taras Download (753)
First levels series by Taras; Story: in this adventure Lara will have to do with the Greek Fire, the secret weapon of the Eastern Roman Empire, and one of the more powerful Roman legions, Legio VI Victrix (Victorious), in the moment in which (after the mutiny) at the command there was a general of Roman cavalry, Lucius Artorius Castus (Artorius is identified with King Arthur of the 2004 movie "King Arthur").

The Greek Fire (liquid fire) was invented c. 670 in Constantinople by Kallinikos (Callinicus), an architect from Heliopolis; it was a burning-liquid weapon typically used it in naval battles (using a form of light catapult) to great effect as it could continue burning even on water. The formula was a secret and remains a mystery to this day.

Callinicus fled from Byzantium to reach Artorius and the roman legion, the Legio VI Victrix, with the purpose to reveal the formula of the greek fire. He thought that with his secret weapon Artorius and his knights would have reconquered the Western Roman Empire; but during his journey some experiments didn't work.. here begins the Lara' adventure.

Legio VI Victix is composed by 1 title and 5 levels (4 normal and 1 bonus level): there are 12 secrets in normal levels, among them 5 are bonus keys; if you can get 5 bonus keys, you will be able to play the bonus level.

More info in the files on readme folder.

Note: level playable from download.
Creation Data 25.02.2008 Reviews and Comment 7 reviews for this level ( 10 0 7/9,60 ) reviews Download 143.000 kb Level Details Dedicated Topic Walkthrough
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