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Windows Various/nc,
2525 ~ by ilariacroft Download (122)
This game is the sequel to "Alberobello Mysteries" level.

Story: after being at Alberobello and finding the Gem of the Knight with the help of Jean-Yves, Lara enjoys some well-deserved rest in her estate, eagerly waiting for news from her archaeologist friend about the studies he is doing on the gem.

While she is about to sip the lemon tea that faithful butler Winston has prepared for her like every morning, Lara receives from Jean the phone call that she was waiting for. Jean explains that the gem has no powers, but it is the key to access the hearts of the two patron saints of Alberobello: the twins Cosmas and Damian.

The two relics, in turn, will be necessary to find the Sword of Essen, an artifact of the highest value kept in Germany, with which the two martyrs were beheaded.

Lara must therefore seek the hearts of the two saints, which are in an Italian sanctuary immersed in the forest in the region of Molise

Note: level playable from download.
Creation Data 13.10.2021 Reviews and Comment 3 reviews for this level ( 10 0 3/8,67 ) reviews Download 93.700 kb Mirror Level Details Dedicated Topic
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