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Windows Atlantis, Nordic/Viking, Various/nc,
2474 ~ by Feder Download (214)
Story: After Lara's escape from The Great Pyramid, but shortly before the island exploded, Natla, who was left for dead, picked up the pieces of the broken scion and fly away to start once again the Atlantean civilization somewhere else.

25 years later, strange reports coming from the north cought Lara's atenttion. Something is happening deep in the northern mountains. All of this starts making sense when Lara investigates and discovers that the northern culture may be the forth civilization related to Atlantis!

So, with no time to waste, she embarks in a new adventure: finding the entrance to the last domain of Atlantis, hidden beneath the Temple of Thor, and destroy the scion for good. This time a bullet won't be enough.

Note: level playable from download. If you have problems launching the game, download the DOS Box version of the package (211MB).
Creation Data 15.04.2020 Reviews and Comment 1 review for this level ( 10 0 1/8,40 ) reviews Download 103.000 kb Mirror Level Details Dedicated Topic
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