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Windows Train,
2310 ~ by Alex Chap Download (365)
Ilinx : Kind of play, described by Roger Caillois, ilinx creates a temporary disruption of perception, as with vertigo, dizziness, or disorienting changes in direction of movement.

"Ilinx games are based on the pursuit of vertigo and which consist of an attempt to momentarily destroy the stability of perception and inflict a kind of voluptuous panic upon an otherwise lucid mind. In all cases, it is a question of surrendering to a kind of spasm, seizure, or shock which destroys reality with sovereign brusqueness."

5 A.M, unknown country.

Completely disoriented, Lara is lost aboard a train to an unknown destination, it seems she was drugged without her knowledge. She will be forced to take certain drugs in order to reveal normally imperceptible elements and satisfy her need to take more. Between vertigo, hallucinations and nightmares, Laras ordeal aboard this dark and long train will seem like an eternity.

She can, however, gradually recover the memory in order to understand how she arrived there and finally heal her addiction by defeating the secret society that forced her into this state.

Note: level playable from download. This game contains lot of flashing and blinking lights, sudden visual changes, surprising sounds and drug evocation, avoid to play it if you are sensitive to it and make sure to play in a room with enough light.

(updated version 30.04.2018)
Creation Data 15.04.2018 Reviews and Comment 2 reviews for this level ( 10 0 2/6,20 ) reviews Download 29.300 kb Mirror Level Details Dedicated Topic
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