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Windows Fantasy/Surreal, Saga,
2311 ~ by psiko Download (393)
Story: a breach in the space-time continuum has opened and seems malicious. After the TechnoEgyptians mess, Psiko calls Lara Croft again in his laboratory in South of Italy to engage her to discover what it is going on. She gets in touch with the strange secret society of Eternals, who seem to control time and space.

Inspired in certain ways, by Isaac Asimov’s novel “The End of Eternity”, “HyperSquare” is the first part of a series of games about a Relativistic journey through time and space in search for many answers: who are the Eternals and why do some well known ancient enemies seem to have just come back from Lara’s past? And what is that dimensional breach that suddenly appeared inside our Solar System?

Note: level playable from download. To play HyperSquare season 1 and season 2, you simply need to download the package of SIX rar files and uncompress them in a safe folder. Then just launch one of the three exe provided (they are the same). There could be problems with FMV's execution in game: FMVs are needed in game to activate thinks while they get played, so it is necessary you can see them properly. For this reason I suggest the download of few codecs which solve everything wrong with win8 or win10 (and maybe even with win7), and it has fixed every fmv execution in all the pc's my testers and I have tried.

Download, info, requirement, installation, new control and other are available on HyperSquare official website (follow the instructions in the movie for a correct installation of this videogame).
Creation Data 21.04.2018 Reviews and Comment No reviews for this level ( 10 0 0/0,00 ) reviews Download 10.500.000 kb Level Details Dedicated Topic
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