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News Detail News  Title: Aspidetr Easter Time 2020 - 10th Anniversary
 Date: 29/03/2021 07.00.00


Aspidetr Easter Time 2021 website online! Click on the calendar to reveal the first surprise of the day!


Aspidetr Easter Time 2021 website


Born in 2011 with the same mechanism of the advent calendar, the AET every years keeps company in the earlier days of Easter through daily releases of peaceful custom Tomb Raider levels, wallpapers, renders, easter/spring LE stuff for Level Designers (objects/textures/outfits), tales/poem, tasty easter recipes and more, all "ingredients" useful to have fun together waiting Easter.

Every day just connect to the AET website, click on the date and you will be redirected to the page with the surprise of the day.

Happy Easter Time ^^


Credits AET21 website:
Lara Croft by LitoPerezito (deviantART) and official LC render; background mix of flowers, plants and Deviations: "Mechanical swamp" by Exphrasis, "Woodsong Forest" by Wildweasel339, "Forest concept" by TylerEdlinArt, "Forgotten Portal" by arenirart, "Early Spring Ravine" by curious3d and "Tower of Rapunzel" by maril1; audio background homepage: Jennifer Lopez - "Feel The Light" (WiLL Chen Chinese Flute Cover) (The Original Motion Picture, Home)



Source: Author: Blu
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