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Levels: 2455
Outfits: 130
Level Designers: 447
Tools: 102
Textures: 158
TRLE Guide: 13
Patches: 44
Other Download: 13
TR Official: 44

Total Download: 674184
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  DXtre3D 2.0 Rev 2L by Turbo Pascal Download (3.831) 
Click to Enlarge Updated version (05-July-2007) of the unofficial TR Level Editor by Turbo Pascal. Revision 2L: Flybycamera loop stop now when used the "only once" flag, expanded the limit about the amount room faces dxtre3d can generate into tr levels, the Mouse wheel buton is fixed to do fast zoom in/out, and other.
Creation Data 05-07-2007 Download 1.630 kb Show other version of this tool  
  Revision C2 Update for TR Level Manager 1.4 - Multilanguage version by Paolone Download (831) 
Click to Enlarge This is an update for level manager 1.4 that solve various bugs and make some improvements; this is an UPDATE setup, this means you must install Level manager 1.4 before installing this updating. Revision C2 has following enhancements: support for levels using patched tomb4 engine, is compatible with Windows Vista and with Next Generation tools, added minimize button, removed bugs. Remark: while you perform Revision C. setup, the TR Level Manager program must be NOT running, otherwise the updating will fail.
Creation Data 28-03-2007 Download 3.250 kb Mirror Show other version of this tool  
  Tomb Raider 4.5 Engine Patcher (TREP) v. 076 rev5b by AAVV Download (2.031) 
Click to Enlarge TREP is a small open-source utility which modifies Tomb Raider 4 engine (tomb4.exe file) used for playing custom levels built with TRLE and DXTre3d. This utility allows you to change various hardcoded parameters, modify object and trigger behaviour, add new gameplay features, create your own custom flipeffects, timed events and patches and then share them with all TR community. To read more about TREP's capabilities, please refer to User's Guide. (rev.5b _ updated 07.10.19)
Creation Data 23-01-2007 Download 300 kb Mirror Show other version of this tool  
  FexMerger Version 3.1 by Turbo Pascal Download (5.084) 
Click to Enlarge This program allow to mix objects (movables and static mesh) from diferent Tomb Raider files, so you can costumize your BASE FILE to be used with unnoficial tr level editors; It support Phd, Tub, tr2, tr3, tr4 and trc levels versions. Version 1.2: new version with support for animated textures into Objects.
Creation Data 11-01-2007 Download 693 kb Show other version of this tool  
  Tomb Raider Level Editor _ Windows Vista & XP by CORE-EIDOS Download (3.595) 
Click to Enlarge Official Tomb Raider Level Editor for PC: allows you to create and play your own Tomb Raider adventures. (Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft DirectX have been cut out of the .zip file because those can be downloaded freely from the internet). This exclusive package include the official and complete Tomb Raider Level Editor, new and updated WADs from Eidos (and the Angkor WAD), and the new Windows Vista-ready installer for the TRLE released by Tomb Raider Chronicles, supported both Windows Vista and Windows XP.
Creation Data 08-11-2006 Download 110.000 kb Mirror Show other version of this tool  
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