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Levels: 2462
Outfits: 130
Level Designers: 447
Tools: 102
Textures: 158
TRLE Guide: 13
Patches: 44
Other Download: 13
TR Official: 44

Total Download: 676307
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  TR CDaudio Player Version 2.0 by Turbo Pascal Download (1.198) 
Click to Enlarge Tomb Raider 3 soundtracks player/editor, allow to play and extract/inject wav files into Cdaudio.wad file where are stored all ambient and background music in Tomb Raider 3. You can also use this tool for compress/decompress externals WAVE files into OGG file format, useful for tr4 and trc game engine (manual enclosed).
Creation Data 02-09-2004 Download 549 kb Mirror Show other version of this tool  
  AOD texture editor v. 1.2 by Michiel (TRWad) Download (966) 
Click to Enlarge Tool to rip textures from TRAOD and use them in your custom trle levels or objects. Can rip room, lara and enemy textures. Required COMDLG32.OCX library (Vb6 Runtime Library). The version 1.2 includes a .gmx.clz -> .gmx convertor
Creation Data 22-07-2004 Download 102 kb Mirror Show other version of this tool  
  3D Tomb Raider Viewer - Version 1.1 by Jim Valavanis Download (1.598) 
Click to Enlarge 3D Viewer for the games series Tomb Raider: this application uses data files from TR1 (*.phd), TR3 (*.tr2), TR4 (*.tr4) e TRC (*.trc) and makes 3D preview of the map. This new version show also the static objects.
Creation Data 27-06-2004 Download 482 kb Mirror Show other version of this tool  
  PixStr 2.2 rev.2 by Raider Croft Download (1.723) 
Click to Enlarge Pixstr2 allow you to retexture objects from your base file, export/import meshes in DXF format, import/export textures pieces, apply animated textures, lot more features for customize your objects. New fixed version, runs on XP and complete of source code.
Creation Data 11-06-2004 Download 1.348 kb Mirror Show other version of this tool  
  TREdit Sound 1.0 by DaroRaider Download (709) 
Click to Enlarge This tool allow you to Open a TR1/TR3 levels for editing all the Sounds that uses the moveables in each animation frame. So you have the chance to Add, Replace, Delete and use other options that could be very interisting to customize a lot more the levels.
Creation Data 07-04-2004 Download 257 kb Show other version of this tool  
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