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The End of a Life-Work - and restart of it all...

Inviato: 08 aprile 2010, 21:22
da Lara for ever
Yes, it's hard to believe, especially for myself. So many years I have spend with my projects, trying to please the community. But life goes its own ways, not interesting for what I like and love. And besides the interest has also gone, as it seems, how at least the views for my topics tell, now the situation has totally changed. Normally you do not care so much for what will be tomorrow, if you think your life is good and save. But sometimes things change so sudden, as with health and other things. And faster as you can believe you are standing at a ledge of desaster, if you have to learn your existence is not save any longer.
I do not want to bore you with too much details. But the truth is, I am in a crisis of health and finances, and now my life is a daily battle for survival. I don't know if this will ever change again, but the Lara for ever you always knew is gone. The joy of working on my projects also, now there are other priorities to somehow try to go on living.
Maybe this is a farewell forever, I don't know. But I want to thank you, the people who enjoyed my work and supported me, especially the admins of this forum. I appreciate this very much.

I wish you only the best, the people, this forum and the work for it. But for me it's time to go now, trying to save my life as good as possible... :(

Re: The End of a Life-Work

Inviato: 17 aprile 2010, 00:07
da bashira
I've no words Jurgen. Only a big hug for you,dear friend. Thanks for your work and your passion for Lara, but above all thanks for your precious friendship and presence here on our forum. If you need, you know where to find us, and you know that we are always here for a dear friend. Hope you'll feel better.

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Re: The End of a Life-Work

Inviato: 17 aprile 2010, 12:41
da Taras
Courage Jurgen, don't you break down, you'll see that everything will be fine.

Re: The End of a Life-Work

Inviato: 22 febbraio 2016, 09:45
da Lara for ever
Well, time to say something again here. Finally, as things go better again today, I returned back to TR and my work. First I decided only to work in my German language, but for now I simply work out the lost episode 1 & 2 of my adventure diary new. I also will adapt the so far finished episodes to the new beginning, so all elements match... :)

Re: The End of a Life-Work - and restart of it all...

Inviato: 22 febbraio 2016, 16:42
da Lara for ever
UPDATE 22.2.16:

- Episodes 1 & 2 of the first Chapter have been replaced and written new.
- Missing pictures of all so far episodes have been renewed.
- Style has been matched, so all episodes look equal.
- Mistakes corrected, some minor changes made for the continuation after changing the first two episodes.