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Messaggio da Scousejeff » 16 agosto 2009, 07:04

Grazie mille for the warm and generous welcome :D :D :D
and ,,, @Greywolf ,,,,,, i love cats :approved: :approved: :D :D

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Messaggio da Greywolf » 16 agosto 2009, 22:25

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Tomb Raider 4

Messaggio da [Reinvent Yourself] » 17 agosto 2009, 01:30

Welcome aboard :)

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Messaggio da overhill » 17 agosto 2009, 08:56

Hi, Jeff, and welcome in this house of mad! :D

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all about me

Messaggio da Scousejeff » 21 agosto 2009, 18:17

Nick: Scousejeff
Name: jeff
Nick' origin: my name is jeff and i am a scouser! :P ,, a scouser is a person from liverpool in the UK
Birthday: (also only day and month ) 21/04/1967
School, university, other: yes i went lol :mumble:
Profession: taxi driver
Place: Liverpool UK
Photo: (only if you wants : you can insert one of you or an amusing image that you represent you ) ... medium.jpg it is me from a few years ago in a place called alton towers and typicaly in england it was raining! lol
Description: tall , loud and down to earth :approved:
Dress worn more frequent: jeans and a t-shirt
Color worn mostly: any really but mainly darker colours

Preferred color: red
Preferred perfume: nothing that is too "strong" in its odour
Preferred flower: rose
Preferred dish: Meat! lol
Preferred drink (cold and hot): Coka cola , Tea :)
Ideal day: when Nothing goes wrong! :asd:
Ideal evening: playing bf2 and being on TS with my friends :)

Preferred Videogames: TR (obviously) , Bf2 , and soooo many other "little" games ,,infact i am a game whore :roll: :asd: :asd:

Preferred official Tomb Raider: (if you want can make one classification of the various TRs, or to tell what you have liked or not ) TR 1 and 2 ,,,they were the ground breaker's" that brought this magnificent game to the world :D
The official TR levels that you have more loved: Venice
The official TR levels that you have less loved: none yet
Preferred Custom Tomb Raider levels: i havnt played any yet :cry:
Preferred Level Designers:
Preferred Tomb Raider locations: Venice
Preferred puzzle or action: finding the secrets :P
Puzzle or action that you don't like: Not finding the secrets! :roll: :asd: :asd:
The jump or the sequence that you will never forget: the first dive off the china wall into the water at the start of TR 2 :)
The jump/sequence/secret that has not let you sleep: too many to mention :roll: lol
The level that you would like, the locations, the collaborations between LDs on which you day-dream:
Preferred Lara outfit: they all look good on her :approved:
The enemies that you love to face: the ones i can see :asd: :asd: :asd:
The enemies that you don't bear: the ones that kick my ass over and over again until i get it right! lol :asd:
Preferred weapons: the twin guns
Preferred vehicles: the motorbike

Interest / hobby: music ,sports ,and generally most of the science's i love to learn :) / playing my guitar , gaming
Preferred sport: football
Practiced sport: i dont do them so much now but i used to play lots of sports from football to some athletics and also golf :)
In love: other than with with my friends :approved: i am at the moment single
Preferred Films: tooo many to mention but i like sci fi , thriller's and mainly real films
Preferred Actors: again like above too many to mention as i have watched so many films in my life ranging from the 1930's to today :mumble:
Preferred Directors : lol as above too many to mention :roll:
The last film that you have seen: Gran torino
Preferred Telefilms: warriors and occupation
Preferred transmissions: (TV/radio ) radio 5 live and talksport
Preferred cartoon/anime/manga: all the original Loony toons , tom and jerry , the original flintstones and some of the early hannah babarra stuff :)
Preferred kinds musical: most of the genre's except rap and oasis! lol
Preferred songs: it depends on the day ,,i have a very bigggg music collection to choose from :)
Preferred musical instrument:obviously as i play it ,,, the guitar :roll: :D
The last concert/show to which you have assisted: i havnt had a chance to go to one for so long i cant remember :O_o: :mumble: lol
Preferred books: Non fiction lol
Preferred authors:
Preferred literary kinds:
Preferred comics:
Preferred magazine:
What you are reading now:

Where you would like to live: Italy! :love:
From child you played with: lego , meccano , hornby trains , and then when i got my first games console (intellivision) i was hooked :roll: lol
From big you will do: the same :roll: :P lol
A sentence that you often say: when playing games ,,, VAFANC**** lol
A sentence that has struck you: whatever you do in life dont ever regret and just learn from your mistakes as no-one is perfect :approved:
3 yours merits and 3 yours defects: (not to take too seriously ) i am sorry but i can't say 3 merits as i am someone who "doesnt like to blow his own trumpet" :roll: and the defects are i can be too loud sometimes , i can be over'ly cautious at times ,and not knowing italian :cry: :roll: :asd:
Emoticons that represents you:
What you don't like in the others: bad manners ,liars and people who are "two faced"
What you love in the others: people who truthful and sincere :)

What you think of the forum: it looks great :approved: :D
What you think of the website: again it is great :D
What you would modify in the website/forum (suggestions/requests): (the Moon has been already booked for the official forum of, but we can organize for the rest ) maybe put a tagboard on the top so everyone can say buongiorno to everyone ? :mumble: :) [/img]

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Messaggio da Syberia » 21 agosto 2009, 21:13

Welcome with us!!! :D

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Messaggio da Scousejeff » 23 agosto 2009, 06:31

Grazie :D :)

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Messaggio da 30th » 23 agosto 2009, 09:57

Welcome! :D

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Tomb Raider 4

Messaggio da bamba » 23 agosto 2009, 10:21

beautiful presentation... :wink:

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Messaggio da ValeCroft » 23 agosto 2009, 11:09

Hi Jeff, welcome abroad! :D

see you!

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Messaggio da robym72 » 07 settembre 2009, 09:20

well done jeff :) nice !!