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House of the enchanted Daggers

Interview with Miss Kroft - July 2005

Blu: Hi Monika

I am glad that there will be a new project realized in teamwork together with Seiferzero and I take the occasion to ask you a few questions about your new game and about your future work with the level editor

Monika: Hi Blu!
Thank you very much for being interested and Iīm very happy about that! Itīs a honour for me to be interviewed by you for the italian TR-community

screen HoteD Blu: If I'm not being wrong, I think that this is the first time that you collaborate with someone for the realization of a project, how was born the collaboration with Seiferzero?

Monika: Yes, this is the first time I collaborate a project with another leveldesigner. Once I joined the Reign of Chaos-Project by Karlo002 (which was released in June), but then I had some personnal reasons to leave the project. It was my "Restless in Paris-Level", which should be a part of the project, then I have released it as an own project.

As Federico registered in my forum I was very happy, that he has joined us and I was proud of it, because he is an important Italian leveldesigner. Some day he asked me via PM, if Iīd like to collaborate a project with him and I thought - why not!? It would sure be a nice and new experience. First we thought about a theme for the project and we have chosen between some ideas: Federicoīs Manor-project, or mine Japan or a space-adventure. At last we decided to build a japanese project, because he likes all Japanese things and the country too

Blu: After "Hanami in Kyoto" a new project for you take place in Japan, this time in "winter version".. whose has been initially the idea?

Monika: Somehow it was our both idea
I always wanted to build a second japanese level too, but this time as a winter level. And Federico told from the beginning about a winter-location. He had so much ideas! About the objects, the story and and and We have installed messengers to talk about it and my system always crashed down Then I decided to make a hidden subforum in my forum where we can talk about all, post screenshots and help each other.

screen HoteD
Blu: Where did you get the idea to call your project: "House of the enchanted Daggers" ?

It was at cinema, when I have seen the trailer for the movie "House of flying daggers". I love those chinese movies with Jet Li and he is a very nice and charming actor. And I also like the soundfull titles of those chinese and japanese movies, like "Samurai Fiction", "Hero" or "Tigers and Dragons". Great!

Federico told me about a legend of magic/enchanted daggers and we decided to use them in our project. Because the story should tell about the search for the daggers I thought at the cinema: "YES! This is the right title for our project"

Blu: Would you be so kind to tell us a little bit about the story of this Lara's Japan adventure and how many levels will it include?

Monika: Of course Lara will visit a japanese friend who will tell her about the enchanted daggers and she will go to the house/temple-complex, to get 4 daggers. At the moment we havenīt decided what will happen after she finds all 4 daggers, but this I think will be a happy end Maybe she will give those daggers to her friend, or she will sacrifie them to buddha. We will see.

At the moment we have decided to make 4 levels (each of us 2 levels), an intro and an outro.

Blu: In the levels there will be also objects, animations, textures sets or other realized expressly by you for this adventure? Will there be also some cutscenes?

Monika: As Iīve understood it right, Federico wants to make a cutscene and Iīm awaiting it; I love cutscenes! Also the intro and the outro will be cutscenes too.

Yes, there are again new textures, mixed with original TR-textures. The original ones are very pretty and there are many ways to use them in a completely other way as they have been used until now. Weīre also making a lot of new objects to create the locations with new goodies and nice thingies. For example, Lara will find a tray with sushi, instead of big-medipacks.

Blu: The outfit in the screenshots it will be that definitive one?

Monika: Until now - yes. We wanted to get a pretty Lara, but she should have a warm winter-outfit. First I wanted to make an own outfit, but then I saw Po Yuīs beautiful outfits again and told to myself, that it would be a pity not to use it

Po Yu is a fantasic Lara-creator and I love his outfits. We have chosen that TR3-like one, but with a white winter-jacket. Meanwhile Po Yu has created that beautiful TRL-Lara and he has promised to make our winter-outfit with that new TRL-Lara-head too. I canīt await it

screen HoteD Blu: How have you coordinated-organized the project work? Each in the teamwork will realize only a certain number of levels separately or the collaboration is also comprehensive of the realization of material for the other?

Monika: First we had to come an agreement about the story. Then we decided who will build which levels (because of the moods or the locations). After then we have build many new objects, for each other too. When Federico had to work for example, I have made some thingies for him, so he had not to wait so long until he could start.

Then one by one we talk together about the endings of the levels, where they ends, to know where to begin the following level, or we talk about the soundfiles, who takes which files or weapons and so on.

Itīs a very nice agreement between us both. Until now everyone of us has get what he wanted

Blu: What gameplay you have planned for this adventure and for which group of players you would warmly recommend our Japan project? What grade of difficulty will it have the levels, it will be a project for all or only for expert players?

Monika: Oh no Not only experts Federico asked me that too and I think, the best way to satisfy the most players is by using a medium-difficulty. So we decided to build levels for each player; not to easy, but not too difficult too. There will be tricky puzzles, timeruns ad jumps too, but as I told, in "medium" Each player should get the chance to play that level until the end

Blu: A question for the "secrets hunters": will there be in "House of the enchanted Daggers"?

Monika: Yes yes I havenīt talked about that with Federico until now, but in my both levels there will be 2 secrets in each level. Not long ago I have asked the german players if they like those secrets and which of them they like most, and I have seen, that most of them love secrets

Blu: Do you have an idea of the approximate period for the release?

Monika: Hmmmm...absolutely not I donīt know how long it will take with Federicoīs levels...but maybe in autumn/winter? I really donīt know. Ask Federico!

screen HoteD Blu: I saw in your website that you also work on the continuing of "Walhalla", do you have also other projects or ideas for new projects which you could start?

Monika: Yes, "Walhalla-The continuing stories" is my other big project. It is the sequel to Walhalla. In the first part Lara has stepped into the world of Asgard. In the continuing stories she must ge back again to Midgard (the humanīs world). But meanwhile she will have to see many things and will meet some nordic gods, like Thor, Odin, and the raven Hugin and Munin. But this I will continue, when I have finished the japanese project.

Another one project is that Paris-story. In "Restless in Paris" Lara was gone to Paris, because her friend Jean-Yves was kidnapped. In the following levels she will search for him (and find him).

And then there are two other ideas for small projects, but not this year!

Blu: I don't know if you want to answer to the next question because it's a little bit personal; the question is thought for showing the human side of the Level Designer, but if you want you can delete this question

Monika: No problem

Blu: Would you be so kind to tell us a little bit about your private live and tell us what you are doing in real life? How is changed your life after the recent happy event, the wedding with Hendrik?

My wedding with Hendrik was something very special for me ( for which bride not? ) We have met for the first time in the year 2001, when he has organized the first TR-meeting here in Bielefeld. Before that we only knew each other from the EIDOS-forums. In those days there was no Levelbase, no Prager-forums, only the Eidos-forums and some of those people I know since then, who still are in the communities. Since then, Hendrik and me, we felt in love and this summer we have married Weīre living togehter now since 2 years so our life hasnīt changed much after the wedding, except of beeing now parts of the club of the golden rings

What Iīm doing in real life; Iīm usual working in a customer-service. My only hobbies now are Archery, painting with watercolours and of course the TRLE. I had much more hobbys too, but at the moment Iīm doing "only" those three hobbies. My favourite one at the moment is the Archery; itīs a great sports for concentration and meditation

Blu: Many thanks for the interview and good work

Monika: Thank you very much and youīre very welcome Itīs a honour for me. Please tell my best wishes to the italian community!

Some Federicoīs temple-screens:

screen HoteD _ Seiferzero   screen HoteD _ Seiferzero
screen HoteD _ Seiferzero   screen HoteD _ Seiferzero

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