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interviewed by PaoloM - March 2007

TimJ PaoloM: "Well, Timothy, are you happy?" Very Happy

TimJ: "Yes! I'm very happy. But not only because I won BtB 2007. My life is really great. I haven't problems for the moment, lol". Smile

PaoloM: "I know that at the beginning you didn't want to participate to the BtB, but then somebody made you change your mind... " Very Happy

TimJ: "Yes. Laughing I really want to thanks TC 14 who proposed me to take part to the BtB contest. I wasn't sure my levels were enough good to compete with these of others participants (big lol).

I don't remember exactly how TC convince me to take part but I think he said to me there weren't only great builders like him or Horus who take part to this kind of contest. But I admit we both had fear when we saw Piega wanted to join.
But Piega left quickly because TGA and WAD weren't good for him. It's a pity because I'm sure he would have build a great level." Smile

PaoloM: "Had you realized that you had built a level that could win the BtB? Are you going to participate also to the next competiiton?" Smile

BtB2007 Following a London Sect TimJ: "When I built the half part of my level I thought it was one of my best levels... I send some pics to TC who tell me : "If you have gameplay, you'll win with this one" Approved . Since this moment I thought it was possible for me to be in the top 3. I was really happy and built faster, lol. My level was too big with too many rooms to build the outside scenery that I reached the limit of building. I lost time by deleting a lot of statics and other little things to be able to finish. I thought I'd never finish it.

BtB2007 Following a London Sect Tinka gave me some days after the deadline to finish and I want to really thank her for that. hello

When the levels were online I played the others. "Escape to St Paul's", "Another Metro Station", "Jobmond & Co", the beginning of "Lara and the Pit" and "The Escape" made me thinking my level will be very close with others. It's a pity for "the Escape" because the beginning was really great but it becomes less good from the huge cave... There was really good ideas but too many lacks at the end. Sad
I realized I should be the winner when I had still an average score bigger than 9 and the others smaller than 9. Anyway it was a good surprise for me. Smile
And I will surely take part to the next BtB !!!"

PaoloM: "How did you firstly know the Level Editor? " Smile

TimJ: "This is a good question, lol! Very Happy

Le Rêve (The Dream) I got the Level Editor with Tomb Raider V. Smile I think I was 12 years-old. I really wondered what was this strange thing. Shocked My first room was simply a huge one (18x18 squares) created with the tut1 PRJ. I placed the big mem cards asdasdasd and some spikes and never managed to understand how to play it. Very Happy

I don't know how much time I needed to really begin to build levels. I remember having built a tut1 PRJ of which I lost everything. I remember exactly three rooms : the ones which were linked with the rooms of original tut1. I know there wasn't any stretched textures, lol (I hate stretched textures )!

Le Rêve (The Dream) My first level of which I still have the first PRJ was "Quest of Stargate". I began it in 2002. The 26 of october.

My first released level was “The Dream” begun the fifth of april in 2004. It took me two weeks. Now two months are the average time I need to build a level. I released Quest of Stargate after The Dream because I corrected it. I added rooms and lightings. You can see a big difference between "Quest of Stargate" and "Star Raider" or "Ice and Lava under the Sand" (these three levels are part of my “Star Raider” adventure)."

PaoloM: "Yes, I remember I played your levels "The Dream" and "Star Raider". Smile

TimJ: "Now I have a lot of project. I hope I won't be too slow. Rolling Eyes

PaoloM: "Which other tools do you use to build your levels?"

TimJ: "The other tools I use to build my levels are TRwest to make my wad (I prefer it to wadmerger because this one makes sound problems even), Strpix to retexture my objects with Photoshop 7 and Paint Shop Pro 7 to build my TGA. I ask someone when I have to correct my sfx and sam files (but I'm learning how to use the great soft of Magplus to correct them). I also ask someone if I need a specific object to be built... I also use Cubase SX to make some musics. I built some of Revenge of Osiris."

PaoloM: "Which is your TR favourite style?" Smile

Le Cauchemar (The Nightmare) TimJ: "I can't answer which style is my favourite... I had never made a city level before BtB07 and I loved building it.

My “The Dream” and “Le Cauchemar” levels are really different from the Star Raider levels (which are different one from another). My "Revenge of Osiris" levels are different again. And my next projects are also different. Everything is possible with the TRLE." Approved

PaoloM: "How do you get organized to start building? Do you use paper and a pen to make a project or do you prefer improvise?"

TimJ: "I always have some basic ideas. These can be just objects I want to use or scenery ideas I had when seeing something great in my life. Smile

My big problem is that it's hard for me to find a great gameplay.

Le Cauchemar (The Nightmare) I try to make some plan on paper when I have ideas but I never manage to build exactly what I wrote.

"The Nightmare" (part 2) was really a great level for me because I manage to build a lot of backtracks and windows through which we can see another part of the level, etc" Smile

PaoloM: "Yes, The Nightmare was a very good and original level" Approved

TimJ: "I'm really impressed by floating islands levels or really interconnected levels because it seems we can go everywhere but we always have only one way without other possibilities. For that TC 14's levels are really the best I know even if a lot of authors made great levels like this. I don't hesitate to ask TC to help me. Smile Revenge of Osiris In fact I improvise a lot. The "Underground Lake" isn't anything like what I drew on paper. The only room that looks like what I drew is the Big Room of "The Castle of Corpus Fatalis". I have different methods according if I have a precise idea or not and if it's difficult to build or not." Razz

PaoloM: "Now, I'm playing "Revenge of Osiris", where you have built one of the levels and the Title...can you tell us if you have more projects in your next future?" Smile

TimJ: "Secret projects. Only TC 14 knows something about them because he can help me. I'm sorry. Embarassed But I can tell you there will be a floating islands level. I can also tell you I want to use objects from Piega's level, Josep Borrut's or Richard Lawther's. I hope they will agree. I don't know how to make great objects but great ones are already here. Why not use them again another way? Wink
I just want to reach their skills of building one day. I hope people will wait for great levels by me." Approved

Revenge of Osiris PaoloM: "Can you talk a little bit about you? Are you still studying or are you working? Which are your hobbies, apart from TR?" Smile
TimJ: "I'm studying Biology at university.I would like to be a teacher in secondary school.
I play some music on my piano and I make some on my computer. My favourite sport is badminton.

I'm also a little bit actor. I play theatral improvisation. It's hard to tell you in few words what it is exactly and even more in english! Very Happy But TR is a big part of my life... I'm moderator on TRO-Online forums and help on the website. I have some ideas for the french TR community. I don't want to tell you because it might not be possible to do." Rolling Eyes

PaoloM: "Well, Timothy, it was agreat pleasure to interview you, thank you from all the members at and" hello

TimJ: "It was a real pleasure to answer you." Wink

(thanks to Glow)

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