Pascal Ducey aka MagPlus
interviewed by Simone
November 2013

Simone: "Is it true that Tomb Raider Redemption is inspired from Darksiders game?"

MagPlus: "Yes, T²R is really inspired from Darksiders 1, especially the Twilight Cathedral"

Simone: "Everyone, including me, playing at your level have remembered much the saga of Legacy Of Kain Soul Reaver, the hilt of the sword is very reminiscent of the Reaper used by Raziel.."

MagPlus: "The reference to Legacy of Kain is only in Raziel's name and also in a texture you can see on some walls ;) .. this one:"

Raziel's texture

Simone: "Are enemies the result of your imagination or are they taken from other games too?"

MagPlus: "This is a mix of my imagination and also the real talent of "Apofyse" for making them come true in the game. He built them, excepted Kobal and Lilith, created their animations and I worked on the textures and rendering effects.
But, all the enemies are not inspired from LoK, but some from Darksiders, and some from the TV serie "Falling skies". For the rest, all from imagination ;) "

Note by Apofyse: "That it was a real pleasure to work with MagPlus and it for the pleasure of the players, because I have no others way (means) to shine I as creator of animations and objects, thank you!"

Simone: "What about the sounds?"

MagPlus: "Well, musics are for the most of them taken from Darksiders 1. The sound samples are made by me. they are a complete mix from multiple sounds. For some precise information, refer to the credits.txt file for example, Astaroth's sounds are a mix of 3 samples".

Simone: "What led you to create TR Redemption?"

MagPlus: "The possibilities of TRNG. But I had to learn everything from scratch, as I didn't know anything about scripting in level editor. When playing Darksiders, I always imagined to re-create a part of it into level editor. But with only TRLE, it was impossible. TRNG made it come true."

Simone: "It was a hard work!"

MagPlus: "Indeed. One year of daily work. I estimated I spent more than 2000 hours building T²R + all the work Apofyse made too on enemies. The hardest thing is to manage all departments of a "video game". Level design, character design, music, sounds, textures, scenario, etc... I always said that I had the feeling to make alone the work of a team. But, it was a pleasure to do it."

Simone: "Therefore, the first level created with the TRNG?"

MagPlus: "Yep ;) This is not my 1st programming language I learn, but this one was a bit hard to understand at the beginning.. yet, it is really simple in fact."

Simone: "Are you happy with the result?"

MagPlus: "Of course I am. As I am a programmer, I enjoyed coding things for the game just like writing a complete program to make Kamael's fight or Astaroth's fight Or synchronizing action, cameras and music."

Simone: "Before publishing the level, were you afraid of something that could goes wrong?"

MagPlus: "Of course. And I still wonder if everything goes well. I encountered so many bugs that I don't feel confident."

Simone: "Any ideas for a future project?"

MagPlus: "I think that almost all parts of Darksiders 1 can be remade in TR levels ;) .. but, I will have some rest and stop building for a while. It took me so much time and energy to make T²R that I feel a little bit dumped."

Simone: "Changing the subject which custom level do you appreciate?"

MagPlus: "I will disappoint you and may be others too. As strange as it can be, I don't play TR custom levels. In TR level editor world, my pleasure is to build, not really to play even for my level. It was really a bad time to make the 1st alpha-test of it ;) "

Simone: "During programming, did you use some traditional methods like pen and paper?"

MagPlus: "Of course, especially for bosses fight and some "mathematical" puzzles like rotating statues or raising platforms."

Simone: "You still have a few sketches with you?"

MagPlus: "Only on scrap paper with so many lines, arrows, notes that it is almost impossible to understand what I did ^^"

Simone: "Do you have something to add? Like screenshots for example?"

MagPlus: "May be some objects I made at the beginning and how they became some months after, as I evolved using metasequoia, for example:"



"And some of the final objects too:"









"That's it:"


"Here's also a screenshot of the tool I made to manage sound samples:"


Simone: "Well, it was agreat pleasure to interview you, thank you from all the members at".

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