interviewed by Simone
April 2014

Simone: "What led you to make WBS (Wreck of the Blue Storm) adventure?"

Cédric: "When I started the project in 2010, I was playing TR2; as I loved the Maria Doria levels, I wanted to make an adventure in this environment. I had also noticed that there were not many ship levels on"

Simone: "In fact, I remember a demo titled Tomb Raider II Memories and your level reminded me of that very."

Cédric: "I heard about it but I don't know much about this project ^^"

Simone: "Then WBS it took 3 years of development?"

Cédric: "It took about 3 years, but it could have taken much less time. Initially, the level 2 was supposed to be longer. I had almost finished this first version, but because of a mistake, I lost it."

Simone: "What a pity."

Cédric: "But the main gameplay of this level (like the pyramids enigma, or valve puzzle) has been kept ^^ ; the great cave outside the ship in level 2, was also part of the first version the main loss is that the first version included gameplay in underwater caves."

Simone: "Shame really, not have been easy to cut much of the gameplay."

Cédric: "This first version had good ideas of gameplay, so I transfered most of them in the level 1. That's why it's so long."

Simone: "Have kept some unreleased material of this first version, or it was all lost?"

Cédric: "I lost the first version because of a computer crash. I was sure I made a backup of it, but nothing.. =/ "

Simone: "You have not been very lucky.."

Cédric: "It seems that I didn't have much rigor about backups at that time".

Simone: "What matters is that eventually you managed to keep some of what you had previously created"

Cédric: "That's right... I'm satisfied with the final version anyway".

Simone: "Judging by the marks obtained'd, say yes.. a curious question .. was the first level you created?"

Cédric: "WBS is my first public adventure; the project started in august 2010, but I discovered the editor in may 2009. Before starting WBS, I made a lot of small test levels to master all the features of TRNG".

Simone: "Interesting.. retains something of these micro projects?"

Cédric: "As they were not supposed to be released, I don't think I kept them... there might be some of them on my old computer..."

Simone: "Would be interesting to show something about, also some making of WBS"

Cédric: "Most of the micro projects were just a single cubic room with a TRNG flipeffect for test purposes... but I'll check if there's some more interesting... and yes, I'll provide some editor views of WBS ^^ "

Simone: "Future projects?"

Cédric: "I already have ideas for the next project ^^ but I won't start it now, I would like to make some portal 2 mapping before, Portal is my other favorite game".

Simone: "Portal is a game developed on the basis of Half Life 2?"

Cédric: "Yes it's based on same engine, Portal 2 provides an in-game level editor. I used it to create several maps. but I'll use Hammer, which is the "real" level editor even if it's not related to TR, the Portal maps I created with in-game level editor are here."

Simone: "So for the next project I'm afraid that you understand what you inspired.. or are way off?"

Cédric: "The next TRLE project won't be related to Portal at all ^^ "

Simone: "I wonder what then".

Cédric: "I'll keep this secret for now ^^ ".

Simone: "But I'm sure that whatever it is will come out something interesting.. changing the subject take me in consideration for an upcoming test? 8)"

Cédric: "It will be hard to do better than WBS ^^ .. of course, you're welcome ^^ "

Simone: "For the unpublished material of the old computer?"

Cédric: "As I'm currently in holidays I'm at the family home, so I'll check the old computer in the next days, but I can't guarantee that I'll find something interesting".

Simone: "Then great, let me know when you have the equipment.. ".

Cédric: "I'll also make WBS screenshots from the editor". (N.d.S.: bottom you can see the images and the first trailer)

Simone: "Perfect! .. If I asked you the kind of future project? It is possible to know or is top secret? :D "

Cédric: "I'm not sure of the location yet, but it could be another TR2 environment... ^^ "

Simone: "I've loved TR2, my favorites are instead TR1 and TR4.. now I still remember the days spent playing TR1 .. good times"

Cédric: "Making old-school levels could be another future project, I miss this ambience ^^ "

Simone: "You could take a cue from the project that now seems abandoned Tomb Raider II Memories.. some levels like the offshore platform would be nice to see again"

Cédric: "I loved the offshore platform levels too... TR2 is my favourite TR after all xD "

Simone: "This was the demo of the now defunct project "

Cédric: "Ok, thanks"

Simone: "Could be a starting point, not sure .. anyway, see you soon for updates and thanks from all the members at"

WBS screenshots from the editor: (click to enlarge)

WBS screenshots from the editor  WBS screenshots from the editor  WBS screenshots from the editor

WBS first trailer:


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