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Lara Croft  Titolo: New LCTOO Remix: “Army of the Dead” by Super Square
 Data: 07/02/2015 14.23.32


New LCTOO Remix: “Army of the Dead” by Super Square! Nuovo remix ufficiale della colonna sonora di Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris‬ disponibile per il download sulla pagina SoundCloud di Crystal Dynamics!

Ecco come presenta il brano Wilbert Roget:

“[Army of the Dead (SuperSquare Remix)] is a dance remix of the Temple of Osiris tutorial theme. I composed the tutorial with a sort of faux-Arabic dance in mind, to make that first level especially fun and engaging for players – so when we were approved to have remixes on the soundtrack, I jumped on the opportunity to work with one of my favorite EDM artists. For this collaboration I intentionally gave very little direction, and instead just sent SuperSquare a series of 'stems', or isolated instrumental segments, that they could use in the remix however they saw fit. I’m very pleased with how well the piece works as an EDM track while retaining so much of the original feel."

Wilbert Roget, II / Lead Composer, Music Supervisor


Fonte: Crystal Dynamics Autore: Blu
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Pagina di Crystal Dynamics su SoundCloud
BONUS TRACK: Army Of The Dead (SuperSquare Remix)
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