Field Trip Outfit

by Sponge et al.


This is an outfit I made to make available an adventurous version of the new Lara Croft like we know her since TR 2013. I made this by using meshes and textures from a number of existing outfits and making adjustments to bring them together.

I want to say thank you to PoYu, Horus-Goddess, Trangel, as well as White Tiger, Jesus C. Croft, Thor and axelia for their wonderful objects! To see who made what in detail, please read the credits section in the readme text file.


Instead of double holsters, Lara now has one holster on her thigh and a chest holster (including a usable sixshooter in the crossbow slot, so please copy d_eagle.wav and rename it into crossbow.wav). Note that Lara now has a small bag instead of a backpack (fitting animations are included in the package).