In the nostalgic journey undertaken in this AET, we wanted to bring back the memory of one of the projects created by the staff of with the collaboration of some members of the community: LA settimana RAideristica, a puzzles magazine dedicated to the Tomb Raider world (in Italian language) and aimed at all the raiders.

In the magazine there were classic puzzle games and mathematical quizzes related to both the world of official TRs and that of Tomb Raider custom levels. The publication was released on major holidays, some issues also during some AET, with Easter games and puzzles: today we propose you two of these, and also we leave you the link to the download section on the website in case you want to try your hand with those dedicated to other events (Xmas/Carnival/Halloween).

Test your knowledge, guess the Mysterious Level or the hidden TR quote, solve Tomb Raider-themed crosswords and puzzles, sharpen your eyesight and have fun with the tutorials and articles posted inside.

You can find the other issues of the magazine in the "LA settimana RAideristica" dedicated section on the website.