Various Texture Sets

by Shadoofus

For the easter of 2024, I present to you all a small, but hopefully useful pack of textures that you may use in TRLE. They come from various games as listed below and are mostly of medieval and natural themes- there are some modern-esque textures that might fit into a modern setting so there should be something from a few select categories.
If you use any of the textures, make sure to credit the original game studio that made them instead of me, as all I did is compile the textures together :)

Happy Easter!

Game Studio Credits: Bethesda, Valve, 2K Czech, Warhorse Studios (Bethesda - Oblivion || Valve - Half Life 2 || 2K Czech - Mafia 2 || Warhouse Studios - Kingdom Come Deliverance)

ROTTR Pictures

by Talos

Happy Easter! On the occasion of Easter Time, here you are 10 pictures of Lara Croft - Rise of the Tomb Raider in a springy mood! Are you ready to get back to Geothermal Valley with a new armor? The pictures were created with the help of the AI