[Aspidetr Easter Time '24] Madonna of the Crown Sanctuary by Traio

During a field trip, Lara Croft commits a terrible act of evil: her wickedness does not go unnoticed and a mysterious entity punishes her by imprisoning her in a nightmarish world, and gradually stripping her of all life force until she is reduced to spirit alone! Lara will have to survive and fight, eventually atoning for her sins in a beautiful sanctuary nestled in the mountains of Veneto...

The Infada Cult by Jonson

"There must be a few more of these!" thinks Lara, sitting in her treasure chamber and looking at the Infada stone in her collection of Polynesian meteor artefacts. There are rumours of Shiva statues becoming alive...
Tomb Raider 3

Catacombs of Rome 2 by Samu

Lara was reading a book on a rainy afternoon when she suddenly remembered a one door which she left unopened during her previous visit to Catacombs of Rome. She thought that it would be worth taking a look what lies behind the door. Maybe she will find a nice artifact.
Cave/Cat, Rome
Tomb Raider 4