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 [TRC AK 2021] Another Winter Castle by Team Christmas 2020 by LoreRaider in TR - Custom Levels Released
 Where can i find tomp2pc.exe? by nikolaos1960 in Tomb Raider Level Editor
 I have problem with an old level i like to play by nikolaos1960 in Tomb Raider Level Editor
 [TRC AK 2021] A Christmas Eve by PedroTheGamer by Pablito in TR - Custom Levels Released
 TR e la realtÓ by Nillc in Tomb Raider World
03/02/2021 - New #TR25 skin online by Brenoch Adams
07/01/2021 - New forum winter skin online, "Shipwreck Beach" by Brenoch Adams - Holiday version
01/12/2020 - New Xmas forum skin online!
Last Levels
[Adventskalender '21] Another Winter Castle
Team Christmas 2020
Lara and her friends Noah and Marianne explore the Castle of Montrevard to find out more about their...
Lara break lockdown
Jeff Sadler
A 20 minutes journey of hell, Good Luck with the undead!... (continue in level detail page) Note:...
[Adventskalender '21] The Hunt for Esmeralda
[Adventskalender '21] Another Winter City
Team Christmas 2021
[Adventskalender '21] Search for Shangri-la
Last Tools
AOD Actor Edit
Michiel (TRWad)
Tool to change actors into enemies or animatings. How to use: Put the ActorDB file into the DATA ...
Strpix Version 3.9.5 Rev.17
sapper, Turbo Pascal
Strpix3 is a program that let you do some editing to the Tomb Raider WAD files; you can retexture ob...
SFX Manager V3.01
SFX Manager V2.1 portable
Strpix Version 3.9.5 Rev.14c
sapper, Turbo Pascal