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 messaggi privati by giorgio in TR - Custom Levels Released
 Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition DAL 05/11!!! by Nillc in Shadow of The Tomb Raider
 Topolino n.3333 !!! by Teone in La Fabbrica dei Sogni
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20/05/2019 - New Leonardo' skin online!
15/04/2019 - New Easter skin online!
25/01/2018 - New Winter skin online!
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A Very Bad Grund
Clara, Sponge
Lara Croft is attending the 20th Tomb Raider Meeting in the cosy town of Bad Grund, set in the forme...
Earth Attack
New Franky' level freely inspired from the Science fiction Series "Stargate Atlantis"; story: to Col...
Don't Kill The Monkeys!
The Replicants Planet
Castle Kriegler - Part 1
Last Tools
AOD Actor Edit
Michiel (TRWad)
Tool to change actors into enemies or animatings. How to use: Put the ActorDB file into the DATA ...
Strpix Version 3.9.5 Rev.17
sapper, Turbo Pascal
Strpix3 is a program that let you do some editing to the Tomb Raider WAD files; you can retexture ob...
SFX Manager V3.01
SFX Manager V2.1 portable
Strpix Version 3.9.5 Rev.14c
sapper, Turbo Pascal